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Is there a way to resolve my discrimination case easier?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Employment Disputes

Facing discrimination at work is demoralizing, unfair and frustrating. To be judged or harmed based on something you have no control is both sad and illegal. Then, even if the EEOC finds for you, you learn that you still have to go through a court or an administrative proceeding that can be appealed at least twice, if not more, depending on the situation. This means you may not receive justice for years, if not the better part of a decade, adding further insult to your injuries. Is there an easier way?

Is there an easier way?

Indeed, there is an easier way. Through the Alternative Dispute Resolution process known as mediation, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission offers Woodland Hills neighborhood parties a much quicker way to resolve discrimination disputes.

Why would companies use this process?

Many Los Angeles companies prefer EEOC Mediation for two reasons. First, it is much quicker, and therefore, much cheaper. And, since the parties agree on the resolution, there is no worries about appeals, which can drag the matter out further costing thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs to the employer. Second, EEOC Mediation is confidential. The media attention that a company can incur from discrimination allegations make a confidential settlement process extremely enticing.

Why would discrimination victims use the process?

For Los Angeles, California, victims, the advantage is being heard, deciding what they want as justice and time. Victims can get there justice now, not years from now. Plus, there is no downside to trying the process. If you are not successful, then you go down the same path you would have gone down otherwise. And, since it is confidential, you risk nothing. Though, if you can come to terms, you get the justice you want much faster than through the courts.

What is EEOC Mediation?

The EEOC Mediation process involves an EEOC neutral, trained Los Angeles, California, mediator that works with both parties to facilitate a mutually agreeable solution. Both parties are heard in the process, and it is nearly universally successful for those that utilize the process. The process normally lasts a few hours, but can last up to a few days. It has a over a 70% success rate. This is why so many people utilize the process. It has no downsides, is quick and, if successful, the matter is resolved in a matter of hours or days.