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New bill may increase sick days for California employees

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Employment Law, Pension; Benefits & Compensation

Sick days are extremely valuable to California employees, especially those working in jobs that require in-person physical presence. Sometimes, a sickness can cause you to be out of work for a few days or more while you recover.

However, while your employer may offer you sick time, sometimes the amount of time is not enough. You might find yourself going into work sick to avoid using up your sick time.

Additionally, recovery time for illnesses varies and factors such as stress and anxiety can increase recovery time. It might take you longer to recover from an illness because you are worried about using up your sick time or getting in trouble with your employer for being out sick too much.

The bill would more than double the number of sick days for employees

Fortunately, a proposed new bill would increase the number of paid sick days that California employers must provide to their employees. Overall, the bill would more than double the amount of paid sick days employers would be mandated to give their employees.

The bill would increase the number of paid sick days from three days per year to seven. It would also change the way sick days are accrued.

Currently, California employers must allow you to accrue up to six days of sick time per year. The new bill would increase that number to 14 days, and you would be allowed to roll over seven sick days to the following year.

Employment requirements to qualify under the proposed bill

To qualify for these new requirements, you must work for the same employer for 30 or more days from the initial date of your employment. You could use any accrued paid sick days until your 90th day of employment.

Sick days are valuable to employees. They keep workplaces safe and healthy and show employees their employer values their health and wellness.

Employers must comply with the law regarding benefits such as sick days. You could bring a legal claim against your employer if they do not meet these types of requirements, but you must act promptly.