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3 signs that an employer is trying to “quiet fire” you

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Wrongful Termination

Many people have talked about “quiet quitting” their jobs. This is the act of doing the bare minimum needed to ensure their employer does not fire them.

Some employers have taken this term and twisted it into “quiet firing,” which is the act of making a job unsuitable for an employee. The intention is that the employee will eventually quit, allowing the employer to save money.

Here are some signs that your employer may be trying to quiet fire you:

1. You’re having to do too much work

One sign that your employer is trying to make your job difficult is by giving you tons of work, more work than you are likely able to handle. This can overwhelm some employees and cause them to leave for more manageable jobs.

2. You’re not given enough work

Employers may realize that you were able to do a lot of work in a reasonable amount of time, squandering their attempt to overwork you. Your employer may try doing the opposite of giving you too much work; you may end up getting too little work. This lack of work may make it seem like you aren’t necessary for the job.

3. You’re given a poor performance review

Another way employers have punished their employees with the intention of quiet firing them is by giving employees poor performance reviews. These poor reviews may cause you to lose benefits or raises. These reviews may even give your employer a reason to fire you.

Quiet firing may be a form of retaliation and wrongful termination. You may need to learn about your legal rights as you take the next steps to combat this issue.