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4 examples of disability discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Employment Law

A disability can drastically narrow down a person’s job opportunities. Americans with disabilities have protective rights that can help ensure secure employment.

Unfortunately, many people with disabilities face workplace discrimination. Here is how that happens: 

Failing to provide accommodations to an employee with disabilities 

People with disabilities have a legal right to reasonable accommodations in their workplace as long as it is not financially difficult for a business. The accommodations can include modifications or adjustments that give disabled employees the same opportunities as other employees. These accommodations may be as simple as rearranging furniture so that an employee with a wheelchair can reach their desk or adding a ramp at the front of an office. Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations may be discrimination. 

Declining someone employment because of their disability

Disability discrimination can happen if an employer refuses to hire a qualified employee based on their disability. This form of discrimination can also extend to an employee who was refused a promotion, terminated or had their roles changed because of their disability.  

Harassing a disabled employee 

An employee with a disability may face harassment, such as verbal comments or jokes about their disability, mocking or intrusive questions. These forms of workplace harassment can create a toxic and hostile workplace environment, which can make an employee feel excluded and stressed. 

Being told that a hidden disability must be disclosed 

Not all disabilities are visible. An employer who suspects an employee has a hidden disability may demand that they reveal this information. Even if an employee does not ask for accommodations for their hidden disability, this can still be a form of discrimination. 

If you are a target of discrimination because of a disability, you should learn about your legal options.